your adventure awaits...

Join us and "Captain Fantastic" star Trin Miller on an all-expense paid vacation on Catalina Island!

Recently invited to speak at Harvard University, Caitlin Doemner shares the story of how Celebrity Adventure Challenge started as the love-child of a $100,000 lawsuit and two margaritas.


Fun. On Purpose.

Life is too short to punch the clock and wait for the weekend. You know you were born to change the world… while enjoying yourself! At Celebrity Adventure Challenge, we empower you to Be Extraordinary by raising money for world-changing causes so you can win epic adventures with celebrated influencers.


How It Works


1. Pick a Cause.
Find a celebrity, cause, or adventure that warms the cockles of your heart!


2. Make a Video.
Share your story with the world in a creative and entertaining way!


3. Raise Money.
Invite everyone and the mailman to support your mission!

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If you are one of our top three fundraisers,
we’ll fly you out to meet your Celebrity-Of-Choice on an all-expense paid vacation!

Making A Difference

Our mission is to raise $1 million for charities this year! Our organization is funded by corporate sponsors so every dollar raised goes directly to our charitable partners. We have developed a “turn-key” promotional system that can enhance current marketing campaigns and provide valuable publicity years to come.